Wertheim Delegation bring BREXIT talks to Huntingdon

Tuesday 28th March 2017

The Town Mayors of Huntingdon and Godmanchester with the local Twinning Association hosted a delegation from Germany that included Herr Guido Wolfe MP, Minister of Justice and for Europe and the Mayor of Wertheim, Wolfgang Stein with representatives from the Wertheim Twinning Association.

The Minister and his parliamentary team from the Federal State of Baden -Wuerttemberg were especially keen to hear views, opinions from local businesses, town councillors and members of public about Brexit, trade and relations and twinning partnerships.

The purpose of the visit was to build on the excellent town twinning arrangements that already exist between Huntingdon, Godmanchester and Wertheim. After formal introductions and welcome there followed an open discussion which focused mainly on the possible outcomes of the Brexit negotiations and likely impact on businesses as well as future relations between the UK and Germany post Brexit.

Minister Wolfe said Germany was sorry that the UK was leaving making the point that no Country had left the EU before and although it was difficult to predict what the final outcome would be, it was important that cooperation between our two countries be maintained. He also stressed the need for give and take on both sides without weakening the EU.

In answer to a question on the future trade links the Minister said the UK would need to define what they want and that it would not be possible to ‘cherry pick’. Access to the single market was dependant on freedom of movement, however he emphasised that in spite of Brexit, Germany had a strong interest in maintaining economic ties with the UK.

A positive outcome of the meeting was that local exporting manufacturing businesses would look to establish links with similar type businesses in the Wertheim/Baden-Wuerttemberg region aimed at creating a more positive understanding on trading.

The Minister also thanked the Huntingdon and Godmanchester Twinning Association for the work done in maintaining strong links between the towns. He said it was important that the towns and councils remain connected and develop partnerships in the future.

Following the open meeting the delegation met with members of Huntingdon Youth Theatre who will be visiting Wertheim at the end of May to perform one of their plays ‘The Monstrum’.

For information Wertheim is a town located within the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg which is in southwest Germany. You could equate Baden-Wuerttemberg to that of Cambridgeshire County Council but with considerably more control and powers.

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