International Twin Town Business Meeting in Wertheim

On Saturday, 26 October 2013, our German Twin Town Wertheim hosted this years’ annual Twin Town Business Meeting. Representatives from all 5 Twin Towns (Huntingdon/Godmanchester, Szentendre, Salon-de-Provence, Gubbio and Wertheim) took part.

The town representatives were welcomed by Wertheim’s Deputy Mayor Patrick Schoenig who recalled many pleasant memories from his first personal twin town visit where initial feelings of uneasiness and shyness soon turned into excitement and joy.

Plans for next years’ many events were discussed and planned, such as the Wertheim Christmas Market, the Wertheim Trade Fair, upcoming Town Anniversaries (50 years between Wertheim and Salon, 40 years between Huntingdon and Salon, 25 years between Wertheim and Szentendre), Youth Sports and Youth Cultural Festivals in which the Twin Towns participate. Other discussed subjects were future school exchange possibilities, visits of choirs and various other groups and youth football tournaments.

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