German Work Experience Award

Cemal Yilmaz from the Wertheim Technical Gymnasium had been selected for the Work Experience Award kindly donated by LOLA’s Cars International based at Huntingdon.

In August this year, Cemal went through the most interesting and outstanding work experience one can imaging thanks to Sam Smith at LOLA's and his team. The exciting 2 weeks at LOLA ended with Cemal's participation in the famous Silverstone Race, of course not driving himself but being close to the great event.

Also several HGTA members had invited him to their home letting him participate in some other special events which also gave him the wonderful opportunity of getting an unforgettable insight into English hospitality and kindness.

Cemal visited Cambridge, Stamford, Burleigh House, participated in a Ceilidh, visited the Chelsea Auto Legends Exhibition, went bowling, played football, flew with Graham Lynn in his Micro Light Aircraft based at Wyton, Graham also took him as VIP to a Model Airplane Exhibition and to the Duxford Air Museum.

When Cemal left he was taking his life’s experience and the most wonderful memories back home with him.
The overall outstanding impression he made with everyone who met him was, that Cemal has been a fantastic representative and ambassador for Germany, Turkey and youth in general. He truly is a credit to his family and country.

This resulted in that LOLA’s is willing to make this work experience available as an annual offer.
As Sam Smith stated in an e-mail: " We look forward to another student next year.

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