Malcolm Lyons honoured by Salon de Provence

Malcolm Lyons has been awarder the Town's Medal of Honour - given for his unstinting work for the Twinning Association. He received it from the Deputy Mayor of Salon de Provence, Senior councillor Bernard Frauden.

Malcolm’s response:

“I am very overwhelmed to have been given this honour tonight, and thank you to the Mayor of Salon de Provence, Councillors, and the Town of Salon de Provence.

I am a dedicated twinner with a great love for our twin towns.  In Huntingdon and Godmanchester, I have a great team of twinning members; some of them are present tonight – this does make organising twinning events much easier.

When I had the pleasure of becoming Chairman of Twinning, I wanted to move twinning forward, raise the twinning profile in our Towns, and give all residents of Huntingdon and Godmanchester the opportunity to visit the twin towns.

This has been possible with official visits, plus the start of our Twinning holidays- this is our third here. Salon is a beautiful Town – we are very grateful of our twinning friendship. Over my 15 years in our Association, plus my 8 years as Chairman, I have met many good friends here. Salon de Provence is a most friendly place – the Historic Town, the countryside, and the atmosphere are all superb. Of course for us British, the sun also makes the difference!

With low cost flying the accessibility, to the South of France is tremendous. I hope we can work together to get more visitors to your wonderful Town, and back to us.

I hope, in the future, we can work together to welcome visitors, youth, and cultural groups from Salon de Provence to Huntingdon and Godmanchester. I believe your Mayor enjoys rugby – perhaps this would be a good meeting?

Thank you again for this medal, and very good wishes to you all"

Malcolm Lyons
Huntingdon & Godmanchester Twinning Association: email: