Salon Holiday Trip April 2009

14 members of twinning went on the recent holiday to Salon and had an enjoyable 3 day trip. This included a visit to Marseille and a ferry trip to one of the Friol islands. They also sampled the local cuisine of bouillabaisse (fish soup) and a short ride around the town on the petit train taking in the sights.  A train trip down to the blue coast and a picnic in the park all provided by our wonderful driver Celestine Polo is a wonder for anyone to enjoy. In the evening a wander through the old town taking in the local sites of the L'Emperi, the Nostradamus museum and a few drinks under the Moussue fountain in glorious sunshine is what Salon is all about.  On Friday evening a reception was held by the Mayor when our chairman Malcolm collected a "Medaille d'Honneur for our friendship within twinning, afterward Xavier had organised a superb buffet at his home for the group. The previous town councillor Sylvie Chiche joined the group for their evening meals at the local restaurants.
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