Super September

Lola Partnership, Cycling from Salon De Provence, 30th Anniversary with Wertheim and Youth Together in Harmony.

Wow what a month for Twinning!

At the beginning of the month Lola Cars welcomed student Simon Scheunch from Wertheim for a two-week work experience programme. This is the second year that Lola has offered twinning this opportunity. The programme included, studying design techniques and computer programming, a visit to the Chelsea Annual Motor Show, Duxford War Museum and the highlight, a visit to Silverstone Race Track, race and track side experience all included.  Simon had a great time.

Just before Simon went home 12 cyclists from Salon cycled 1500 kilometres to Huntingdon and Godmanchester. The eldest participants were married couple, Georges, 74 and Simone 71. The Mayor of Huntingdon cycled the final lap from Madingley with the cyclists. On arrival a pint or two was the order of the day. Most of the cyclists stayed in town for 4 days and were hosted by twinning members in their homes. Trips to London and Cambridge were also arranged.

Just a couple of days after the cyclists left, twinning welcomed friends from our twinned towns to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of twinning between Huntingdon & Godmanchester and Wertheim. The weekend included, visits to the Alligator Farm, Oldhurst, and Warwick Castle. Commemorative trees were planted in Huntingdon & Godmanchester. There were two receptions held by Huntingdon & Godmanchester Mayors. At the Huntingdon reception the Twinning “Choir” sang the newly composed “Twinning Song” with verses in 5 languages. An Anniversary Dinner and Dance was held and the weekend finished with a meal a Spice Land.

Click here to view the 30th Anniversary of twinning between Huntingdon & Godmanchester and Wertheim gallery

As our friends departed on Monday 26 September, twinning members prepared to welcome students from our twinned towns to take part in Youth Together in Harmony, a cultural event for young people from Huntingdon & Godmanchester and our twinned towns. Each country provided two songs in their language, which formed a learning experience for the young people. On the Thursday night they sang the songs in each other’s language. There was also a voluntary performance by Huntingdon Male Voice Choir and we finished with the Twinning Song. It was a great show.

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The month was stimulating, friendly and exhausting, but well worthwhile. Friendships were renewed and new friendships were forged. If you are interested in finding out more about twinning, contact Malcolm Lyons on 454801.

As we said, Wow what a month for Twinning!

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