Szentendre Choir Visit

The Musica Beata Choir arrived on Friday morning and from then onwards they had a very busy programme. After the initial welcome in the Commemoration Hall by the HGTA chairman Malcolm Lyons it was time to be served lunch and afterwards a short practise before 20 of them went to Spring Common school to entertain the children.

On Friday evening over 90 people were at Spiceland restaurant where a feast of various Indian dishes was on the menu. The Mayors of Huntingdon and Godmanchester welcomed everyone and hoped they would have a enjoyable weekend.

On Saturday there was time to take in the sights of Huntingdon and Godmanchester with their hosts, some choir members has a short bus ride on a double decker, others wandered around the town, and some went for a short ride to the surrounding villages, which they all said was how they believe English villages were like. After lunch which was provided at the Commemoration Hall before an outside repartee in Chequers Court. They had time for a few hours rest before meeting up in the Queen Elizabeth Hall in Godmanchester for a practise run for the evening concert in St Marys Church. They were to sing  not only on there own but also with a local group from Buckden the Aragon singers. The evening concert went superbly well and was follow by drinks and singing well into the evening at the Queen Elizabeth Hall.

On Sunday the choir where off to Cambridge for the day, and with the help of one of our HGTA twinning members they even sang in St Johns College, which they were all quite proud at being able to do. For there finale evening there was a dinner dance at the Commemoration Hall, which was enjoyed by all. On Monday it was time for them all to say a  fond farewell to there hosts as they made journey home via a short sightseeing tour of London.
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