The Cromwell Lectures in Wertheim on 27th + 28th October 2011

On Wednesday, 26.10.11, John Goldsmith, curator of the Huntingdon based Cromwell Museum, and Gesine DeVere, Chair of the Wertheim Sub-Committee, went to Wertheim, Huntingdon& Godmanchester’s German Twin Town.

John was giving an English lecture about the Cromwell Museum, Cromwell’s life, his military and political career as well as his family history. Whether Cromwell was a hero or villain, this question that has divided the opinions ever since. But no one can deny his importance for English history.

The visit to Wertheim had been in the planning for a very long time. Thanks to John’s willingness to prepare the lecture and Gesine’s help with translation and communication the visit finally took place. Wertheim’s historical society and Wertheim’s IPW, the German Twinning Association, had invited and put up flyers in the town and an article in the newspaper to advertise the event taking place at the Wertheim Grafschaftsmuseum.

Some 60 people attended the lecture and were fascinated by the interesting talk John Goldsmith gave, also admiring his beautifully spoken English. The next morning the lecture was repeated at the Wertheim Gymnasium in front of about 50 students.

A day later, a large article in the Wertheim Newspaper was raving about this special event brought to Wertheim from its English Twin Town.

Members of the IPW and Dr. Paczkowski, curator of the Wertheim Grafschaftsmuseum, gave us a very warm welcome and took the time to show us around in and around Wertheim. As always the hospitality shown was overwhelming and Dr Paczkowski expressed the hope to return the visit and come to Huntingdon one day.
Gesine DeVere

Photo courtesy of Svea May, Fränkische Nachrichten Wertheim

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