Wertheim Holiday – 25th to 29th May 2011

Early Wednesday 25th May some 32 hgta members set off on a 5-day holiday venture to Wertheim. After having been able to catch a glimpse President Obama’s Airforce ONE parked at Stansted, German Wings flew us to Stuttgart. On arrival, members travelled by coach to Nurnberg for an overnight stay in the Motel ONE, a modern, excellent hotel close to the historic city centre. That afternoon the party split in to two groups and were taken on historic tour of the city by two English-speaking tour guides.

Next day (Thursday) 16 members went on a tour of the catacombs - some of them as deep as 20 metres underground - hundreds of years ago they were used to store beer. At that time people would - on average - drink about 300 litres of beer per year, as water was not drinkable in those days. During WW2 the catacombs were used as bomb shelters.

Around lunchtime it was back on the coach for the drive to Wertheim and the Hotel Bronnbacher. In the evening Wertheim Twinning Association (IPW) hosted a tasty buffet with German specialities, wine and soft drinks. Many old friends and IPW members had gathered to welcome us. Laughter, hellos and surprised faces were to be seen all over when many old friends and unexpected acquaintances were waiting to greet us, hugs and kisses were distributed. Mayor Stein greeted us with a short welcome speech and the youth choir who will attend the Cultural Youth Festival in Huntingdon later this year gave an example of their skills.

On Friday after an early breakfast it was off to Heidelberg. On arrival in the city an English speaking guide joined the coach and while driving around explained many interesting facts about Heidelberg, its history and famous university. This was followed by a splendid lunch and then the tour continued up to the Heidelberg Castle.

Saturday morning was spent relaxing in Wertheim’s Market Square shopping, having coffee or ice cream then in the afternoon another trip – this time to Schloss Weikersheim, a most picturesque castle with beautiful castle grounds only 1 hours’ drive away. In the evening everyone gathered at restaurant “Goldener Adler” (Golden Eagle) for another scrumptious meal joined by members of the IPW and Simon Scheurich, who has been awarded this year’s work experience at LOLA Cars International.

Sunday morning it was a glorious sunny morning once again and at 10am it was time for a lovely, relaxing cruise on the river Main followed by a light lunch at the “Burgrestaurant” on the Wertheim Castle grounds. A newly established train drove us to up the hill through a delightful forest. Lovely views over Wertheim and the river Main were another reward on our 5-day holiday break.

Back at Stuttgart Airport there was a 4-hour wait for the delayed German Wings flight to Stansted. Happy, but rather tired the group arrived back in Huntingdon around 10:15 in the evening

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