Local support is vital to the well-being of twinning.  Without this, twinning would not progress positively towards greater understanding between our Twinned Towns.

In this web site you will find information which indicates what twinning stands for and what we try to achieve.  We hope you will want to be an active member of our team, in working towards the implementation of our aims and objectives.  By becoming involved, we hope you will discover a whole new aspect of life which is both invigorating and worthwhile.

Individual Membership £5 per annum. Business Membership £50 per annum.

What Does HGTA Offer to Members?

• A members' meeting is held at regular intervals throughout the year in the Town Hall, Huntingdon giving opportunities to meet other members and discuss forthcoming events.
• A Twinning Newsletter is published up to 3 times a year.
• Visits to our Twin Towns are encouraged.
• There is a full programme of Social Events throughout the year.
• Organised trips to our Twin Towns are arranged.
• Special Events with visiting cultural groups are highlights, a recent example being the visit of the Hornblowers from Wertheim.
• Opportunities to host visitors from Twin Towns and be hosted are an important feature, which widen our knowledge of different cultures. HGTA features at most of the local festivities e.g. Summer Galas, Christmas Lights Switch-On, etc.
• Twinning helps to fund the schools’ trips to our Twinned Towns.

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